Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday is adventure day!

On Sunday's mum & dad try to pick somewhere for us to go to. This week we headed down to Wicklow. First we went to the Powerscourt waterfall, Powerscourt Waterfall is Ireland's highest at 121m (398ft.) and is surrounded by woods and specimen trees. I loved the waterfall and I wish I had of been allowed closer but mum was afraid I'd fall in! We walked around the nature trails here and took some photos.

Powerscourt Waterfall

After the waterfall we headed to Glenadalough, Glenadalough is home to one of the most important monastic sites in Ireland. This early Christian monastic settlement was founded by St.Kevin in the 6th century and from this developed the ‘Monastic City’.

Glendalough Round Tower

All photos are copyright of L.Murphy & Ray Keogh Photography

It was a really good day and mum reckons I'm becoming a very cultured and well travelled husky! :)

Happy Mushing!

Kodi x


  1. Hey Kodi!

    I must say you looked stunning on your day trip down to Glenalough! love your photos! very stylish. What a lovely day out with your mum & dad. I must take my two girls down for a day trip during the summer. Have fun. xx

  2. Wooo sure had a great day out.