Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunny Day

This weekends location for our adventure was Belvedere House & Gardens in Mullingar. Belvedere house is a beautiful Georgian villa located beside a large lake with huge parkland to explore. Yesterday was a beautiful day for an adventure as the sun was beaming and the skies were blue, something that is quite rare here. Myself, mum & dad headed off on the long trail for our walk, it was a beautiful woodland trail with lots to see. There were little stone gargoyles hidden in the forest and we had fun trying to find them. We also got to see a beautiful gothic arch and old ice house aswell as a lovely gazebo where I encountered a lion! After our walk we headed back to the lake where we lazed in the sunshine for a long time. I spent ages watching the swans while dad took pictures and mum soaked up the sun. It was one of the best places we have ever been for a walk and well worth a visit.

Relaxing by the lake

One of the gargoyles we found.

The lion that I met!

A view across the parkland.

Smiling after a good day :)

All Photos are copyright of Lisa Murphy

Expect more pics this week as dad also got lots of photos of our day out!

Happy Mushing!

Kodi x


  1. Love the picture beside the lion. Was trying to decide who was being more regal!

  2. Thanks! I think as far as Kodi is concerned she's the Queen, its her world & we're just living in it! :D