Friday, April 23, 2010

Strike a pose.

My dad is a really great photographer. He really knows how to capture a moment and also how to capture my best side! :D I've been photographed by Mum and Dad since I was a baby so I know how to strike a pose!
Here's two pictures that Dad took of me the other evening.

My Regal Pose (Because I am Queen Kodi!)

Happy Head!

It's tough being so good looking! :D
Have a great weekend everyone. Can't wait to see more pics of you guys!

If anyone wants to see more of my Dad's work check out his website at
Happy Mushing!

Kodi x

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All Pictures are copyright of Ray Keogh Photography

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Best served cold!

We've been getting some really nice sunny weather here in Ireland lately. As a  result mum has been worrying about me getting too hot so she decided to make me something yummy to cool me down, frozen yoghurt treats! Some countries have these available to buy from stores but you can easily make your own.In fact we got a delicious recipe for them from a blog we love to read, check it out here:

Mum bought the ingredients, blended them up and froze them in some tupperware. Then I got to enjoy the end result!

Mmmm, yummy!!!!

I really really enjoyed my frozen treat! Perfect for the hot weather! :)

Happy Mushing!

Kodi x

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring in my step!

Well it is officially Springtime now. It has been a while since my last update but that's because mum & dad have been hogging the laptop for work.

Alot has happened in the last few weeks. The most exciting thing is that my dog adventure club was filmed for an Irish tv programme! I of course was a complete proffessional in front of the cameras showing off what I do best, mushing! I can't wait until it airs on tv to see if I will see myself. Next stop, Hollywood! :D

The last few days we have had some fantastic sunny weather! It feels like summertime especially with the evenings getting longer. Mum & Dad took me to the phoenix park the other day to enjoy the sun. The park is huge, the biggest public park in the Europe and the presidents house is located there. But even better it has deer! Huge herds of them. It was my first time to see them and boy were they fascinating! For a while we chilled out in the sunshine beside the papal cross.

Because it was so sunny there were lots of people around and so i got lots of attention. I got compliments from adults and got rubs from children :) We also bumped into one of our friends from the dog adventure club. Everyone was really enjoying the sun.

Mum says if the good weather keeps up we will take out my swimming pool! I hope the sun stays a bit longer :D

Photos are copyright of Ray Keogh Photography.

Happy Mushing!

Kodi x