Monday, March 1, 2010

Urgent Appeal!!!

This is the story of Holly, a little Japanese Spitz. Holly was rescued by the lady who runs a Japanese Spitz rescue here in Ireland.

When she was rescued on Christmas Eve Holly was in a very bad state, nails so long she couldn't walk, patches of hair missing.  She is completely yellow from lack of nutrition and care. She has broken teeth and problems with her throat.  She can't seem to bark and her breathing is very raspy. It is believed she suffered a major trauma to her throat which had resulted in a build up of scar tissue that has been causing her problems. Just the other day she had to undergo important surgery for her ailments. It is now pretty certain that poor holly was debarked. Debarking is a veterinary surgery that involves removing tissue from the dog’s vocal chords. This results in a dog’s voice being quieter, when done properly.

Holly is doing well after undergoing her surgery and thanks to the love and care of the wonderful Japanese Spitz rescue she should make a full recovery.

However the rescue is a non profit organisation and Holly's surgery cost in the region of 1,500 euro.

I'm asking for anyone out there who is able to, please, please can you donate some money to the rescue to help the cost of her surgery. This little dog has been through so much and she now deserves the chance at a happy normal life.

Every little bit helps and will ensure that Holly gets a great new start in life and I know that the rescue appreciates every single donation no matter how small!

You can donate through paypal here:

Or you can send a Cheque! All details are on the website! Link is above ^ and also in my links section here on the blog!

Thank you for reading!

The beautiful Holly. Looking much better than she did when she was rescued, thanks to the Japanese Spitz Rescue!

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