Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ready to be a wilderness explorer!

With the mushing season coming to an end soon mum wanted to get me ready for going hiking in the non mushing season! Today my Ruffwear palisades backpack arrived in the post! Mum was very excited and couldn't wait to try it on me to see if it fit! Here I am modelling my new accessory!

Pictures are copyright of L & K Murphy

Don't I look very snazzy in my backpack? Mum says I look ready for an adventure!I'm all kitted out now to go hiking, now I just need mum & dad to get ready for all the adventures we're going to have!

Happy Mushing!

Kodi x


  1. Wow look at you wearing that backpack, Bruno has one but I dont, maybe I should have one to but will have to be blue for me :-)

  2. The ruffwear approach pack comes in blue & would look very snazzy on you! You'll have to convince your mum to get you one! :D

  3. Sweet! Those are nice, woo can carry your own water and schnackies!