Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pet Expo

Sorry for the lack of blog updates recently. As I said in the previous post I've been busy helping mum with her online store, I say helping, I mean testing the treats out! It's an important job you know :D

Well last weekend was a busy one for us. The dog adventure club that we are in had a stand at the Pet Expo in Dublin. So we were there for the whole weekend representing the club and handing out leaflets and taking part in demos. I got to wear my backpack and carry leaflets in it, here's a picture of me hard at work!

I know, I could be a model for Ruff Wear backpacks right? :D

I got so many rubs over the weekend and so many treats! It's pretty tiring being this cute hee hee. Myself and Mum and also took part in one of the clubs demos, we demonstrated canicross running, where the doggy, ( me) is hooked up to a human (mum), using a waist belt and a bungee line and you go for a run. We had to run through some barrels and then back to the finish line. It was alot of fun and as you can see from my expression, I really enjoyed it! 

Lol mum looked like she enjoyed it too! 
Edit: Look very closely and you will see me in the background too, on the barrel to the left! hee hee

It wasn't just dogs at the pet expo, I got to encounter lots of other animals! Had a run in with a pigeon, saw an eagle, ponies, donkeys, tarantulas, bunnies and ferrets, just to name a few! All in all a great weekend was had and after all my hard work representing Tails 'n' Trails was done, I got to relax and watch a demo.

Pretty in Pink

All photos are copyright of Ray Keogh Photography and must not be used without permission. 

Thank's for reading! I won't leave it so long to update next time :)

Happy Mushing!
Kodi X


  1. Woo, Kodi! Being cute is a full-time job!!! And you do it really well. I especially like the look on your face where you're taking your mom for a run!!!
    PS: And you ARE pretty in pink!

  2. Wow, you look stunning wearing that backpack. But you are so beautiful anyway. Good to see you again.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Wow! What great fun you had! We want to know where you got that backpack and cute collar!


  4. Thanks for your comment bunny!
    I got my backpack from my friends at

    And my collar came from
    My mum got the collar from their stand at crufts two years ago. It's my favourite collar :D

  5. What a great weekend!
    Beautiful pictures Kodi :)

  6. Wooooooooooo that looks like lots of fun, wish we had something like that here in Spain I could join in. Love the happy running face, we do like to run and we put soooo much effort into it :-)

    Khumbu x

  7. Wow - looks like you had a great time!

  8. Those are great pictures! The canicross idea looks like fun. We sorta do that, but our mom doesn't run fast enough.