Saturday, June 5, 2010

Please, please help!

I am appealing again to anyone who reads this to please, please help spread the word about Murphy the missing Northern Inuit. His owner and breeder are absolutely distraught and want him home desperately! He has been missing for a week now with no sightings.

If you have friends in the UK or know someone who does then please spread the link to his story!
The more we spread the word the more people will be aware to look out for him!

Think about of it was one of your dogs or pets that was missing, you'd want all the help you could get to ensure that they made it home safe to you! Please do a good deed and help someone else be reunited with their beloved pet! It only takes a minute to post the link!

Link people to the facebook page set up to find Murphy, all details of his story are there! Post it everywhere you can!!!


Thank you! 

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