Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hike on!

I must apologise for being so lax about updating the blog. My mum had a very busy time the last while, off gallivanting here and there! In between her gallivanting though her & dad managed to take me on some great hikes.

I'm really lucky to live in Ireland, there is an abundance of fabulous walks to go on. Some of the best are located in County Wicklow on the east coast. Wicklow is mountainous and very scenic. One of the most beautiful areas is Glenadlough, a place I've mentioned in the blog before and a place we go quite often as there are lots of different walks to choose from. Recently we did the Spinc mountain walk there. It was a tough walk (for the humans lol) up a small mountain that has spectacular views over the two lakes at Glendalough. Here is a picture of myself and mum at the top having a rest!

You can see it's quite high up! I would recommend this walk to anyone visiting Ireland as it's worth it for the views!

We also headed up to County Donegal which is in the North West of Ireland. It's another beautifully scenic area of the country and also well worth a visit! The coastal area is fabulous and we went on a hike in Ards Forest Park with the dog adventure club we are part of. Here is a pic of me and mum again on the hike.

It was a beautiful day and it's another place I would recommend if you visit here.

Thank you for reading.

Happy Mushing & Hiking!
Kodi X

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