Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well summer is officially here! We've been getting some really sunny weather for the last while. Mum doesn't like it, she misses the snow. I don't mind it so much as it means I get to share some ice cream with mum & dad :D

Mmm ice cream...

The nice weather has also meant that the grass in the fields where we walk has gotten super tall, taller than me in some parts! Lots of buttercups have appeared too and tehy keep turning my head and nose yellow when I dive in them!

Here's a pic mum took of me today in the buttercups :)

Photos are copyright of Ray Keogh Photography & Lisa Murphy Photography.

I hope everyone is enjoining their summer so far!

Happy Mushing,
Kodi x

Please, please help!

I am appealing again to anyone who reads this to please, please help spread the word about Murphy the missing Northern Inuit. His owner and breeder are absolutely distraught and want him home desperately! He has been missing for a week now with no sightings.

If you have friends in the UK or know someone who does then please spread the link to his story!
The more we spread the word the more people will be aware to look out for him!

Think about of it was one of your dogs or pets that was missing, you'd want all the help you could get to ensure that they made it home safe to you! Please do a good deed and help someone else be reunited with their beloved pet! It only takes a minute to post the link!

Link people to the facebook page set up to find Murphy, all details of his story are there! Post it everywhere you can!!!


Thank you! 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Help Find Murphy!

It's been ages since I last posted as we've been super busy here and not had time to blog! This is a very special blog.

We need help in spreading the word about Murphy, a Northern Inuit who has gone missing in Leicestershire, United Kingdom. His breeder is a lady who is in our mushing club and is frantic with worry. Please spread the word! Here is Murphy's story:

Murphy went missing from the Somerby area of Leicestershire around 2am Friday 28th May. He is a 2 year old black gold and red entire male Northern Inuit Dog with a distinctive kink to the right end of his tail, making it very curly. He's new to the area (24/05/10) and UK having arrived with his breeder from Ireland where he's been at her kennels since a newborn pup. The next chapter of Murphy's life is to become a family pet. He was finding adapting to a house strange still and wasn't generally settling easily for sleep. On return from a walk he twisted away on approach to home well before our path, managed to slip his lead, likely twisting collar 'd' ring against lead clip and 'springing it'. I was able to be near to him four times before he took off again, the last time at considerable pace.I then lost sight of him completely. He was circling rather than covering huge distance at that time hopefully indicating that he has not ultimately travelled a long distance but is rather hiding nearby. Of course he may now have travelled some distance. Murphy is not micro-chipped/tattooed but is hopefully still wearing his collar (brown/ gold check) and tag (multi-coloured metal disc with home and vet contact details). I am truly hoping he will seek the company of other dogs and/or a bitch in season seeing as he's used to a pack and is entire.

All agencies have been informed, local community and farmers (who are landowners of some 15 miles perimeter of the village) on high alert with a special request to check outbuildings and extensive searching, day and night, continues with expert help and dogs, both in larger group and smaller splinter groups who stay in contact with each other. Posters and fliers are out everywhere. This was all put in place asap on the day he went missing.

Murphy may be nervous around strangers, if you have any sightings of him please contact Becki on 07745918245 (I'm afraid its a generally poor signal area around Somerby) / Julie Kelham (NIS)
01636 681082 or
Serena 01858555577 (has worse mobile reception than here).

Here is the link to the Facebook page:!/group.php?gid=100791966637376

Please, please help spread the word about Murphy. It is now a week since he went missing and there have been no sightings of him yet. His owner and breeder are so worried about him and want him home safe and hopefully soon! Please post the link to the facebook page on your blog, twitter, facebook everywhere you can. The more we spread the word the better chance we have of finding him!
Thank you for reading!

Kodi X